Microsoft Edge to Get Crypto Wallet: Buy, Store, Swap Crypto Within Browser!

• Microsoft Edge may be adding a crypto wallet feature soon, according to leaked screenshots.
• The potential integration would allow users to store, buy, and swap cryptocurrencies directly within the web browser.
• Microsoft has not yet confirmed the development of this feature but speculation is already building around its potential impact on the digital asset market.

Microsoft Edge May Soon Feature Crypto Wallet

Users of Microsoft Edge may soon have access to a crypto wallet feature according to screenshots circulating on Twitter. If confirmed, the wallet will be embedded in Edge rather than as a separate installable plugin and it would be non-custodial meaning that Microsoft will have no access to user passwords or recovery keys for the wallet.

What Features Will The Wallet Have?

The leaked screenshots suggest that users will be able to use their wallets to purchase cryptocurrency using Coinbase and MoonPay with integrated platforms which facilitate deposits into their wallets. It also appears that users can send, receive and swap cryptocurrencies with other users all within the browser’s UI.

Microsoft’s Foray Into Web3

Microsoft has been pushing forward into Web3, an evolution of the internet which aims to decentralize data and give users more control over their online experiences through blockchain technology. This includes developing a decentralized identity (DID) system which allows users to create and manage their own digital identities without relying on centralized authorities.

Potential Impact On Digital Asset Market

If confirmed, this could potentially have a significant impact on the growing digital asset market by making it easier for people to access cryptocurrencies directly from within their web browsers without having to download additional software or plugins. This could open up new markets for investment and potentially increase adoption rates as well as liquidity in certain markets.

Microsoft Has Yet To Confirm Feature

At this point it is unclear if Microsoft will confirm this feature or how long it might take them before they do so if at all but speculation is already starting about what kind of impact such an integration might have on the digital asset market if implemented successfully.

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