Ceffu & Binance Launch MirrorX: Instant Access to Crypto Exchange Assets

• Ceffu, an institutional crypto custodian partnered with the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance, has released its newest off-exchange settlement solution MirrorX.
• This custody solution provides institutions with instantaneous access to most of the products available in the Binance ecosystem without needing to move their assets to the exchange.
• Through this partnership, Binance and Ceffu are at the forefront of institutionalizing the digital asset ecosystem.

Ceffu Partners with Binance to Launch New Off-Exchange Settlement Solution

Ceffu, a leading institutional crypto custodian and partner of Binance – the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume – announced today the release of its newest off-exchange settlement solution, MirrorX. The launch of MirrorX marks a significant leap forward in the institutionalization of the digital asset ecosystem.

MirrorX: An Institutional Investor’s Gateway to the Binance Exchange

Launched as an evolution of its predecessor, MirrorX provides institutional investors with instantaneous access to most of the products available in the Binance ecosystem, including spot, margin and futures trading – without needing to move their assets to the exchange. Digital assets used with MirrorX remain in Ceffu’s independent custody at all times and are automatically settled off-chain, helping institutions maximize capital efficiency and reduce counterparty risk.

Binance & Ceffu’s Position at The Forefront Of Institutionalization

Ceffu is uniquely positioned as it is currently the only off-exchange settlement solution integrated with Binance. This offers an attractive solution for institutions as it combines on-exchange trading with off-exchange capital on one of the world’s most liquid cryptocurrency exchanges.

Feedback From Clients Drives Innovation

Catherine Chen (Head Of VIP & Institutional At BInance) said “We’re constantly listening to our clients’ feedback and responding to market needs that we can support.” The addition of this layer of risk management allows clients to diversify their exposure while still maintaining access to liquidity on a trusted platform.

Maximizing Capital Efficiency & Reducing Counterparty Risk

Ian Loh (President Of Ceffu) said “Regardless of how markets move, institutions need innovative solutions that combine security and ease of access…This positions us at achieving our goal for delivering custody solutions that live up to high standards our clients require.” With MirrorX, clients can rest assured knowing they have maximized capital efficiency while reducing counterparty risk through an integrated custody platform from a trusted partner such as Ceffu & Binace.

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