Microsoft Edge to Get Crypto Wallet: Buy, Store, Swap Crypto Within Browser!

• Microsoft Edge may be adding a crypto wallet feature soon, according to leaked screenshots.
• The potential integration would allow users to store, buy, and swap cryptocurrencies directly within the web browser.
• Microsoft has not yet confirmed the development of this feature but speculation is already building around its potential impact on the digital asset market.

Microsoft Edge May Soon Feature Crypto Wallet

Users of Microsoft Edge may soon have access to a crypto wallet feature according to screenshots circulating on Twitter. If confirmed, the wallet will be embedded in Edge rather than as a separate installable plugin and it would be non-custodial meaning that Microsoft will have no access to user passwords or recovery keys for the wallet.

What Features Will The Wallet Have?

The leaked screenshots suggest that users will be able to use their wallets to purchase cryptocurrency using Coinbase and MoonPay with integrated platforms which facilitate deposits into their wallets. It also appears that users can send, receive and swap cryptocurrencies with other users all within the browser’s UI.

Microsoft’s Foray Into Web3

Microsoft has been pushing forward into Web3, an evolution of the internet which aims to decentralize data and give users more control over their online experiences through blockchain technology. This includes developing a decentralized identity (DID) system which allows users to create and manage their own digital identities without relying on centralized authorities.

Potential Impact On Digital Asset Market

If confirmed, this could potentially have a significant impact on the growing digital asset market by making it easier for people to access cryptocurrencies directly from within their web browsers without having to download additional software or plugins. This could open up new markets for investment and potentially increase adoption rates as well as liquidity in certain markets.

Microsoft Has Yet To Confirm Feature

At this point it is unclear if Microsoft will confirm this feature or how long it might take them before they do so if at all but speculation is already starting about what kind of impact such an integration might have on the digital asset market if implemented successfully.

Dogecoin Plunges 11% as Silicon Valley Bank Collapses

• The cryptocurrency market has seen a decline in the value of Dogecoin (DOGE) due to fear, uncertainty, and doubt surrounding the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Silvergate.
• DOGE has lost 11% of its value in the last 24 hours alone, with a 31% decline in the last 30 days and 24% in the last two weeks.
• Bitcoin price is also affected by this crisis, falling from $21,000 to $20,372 at the time of writing.

Cryptocurrency Market Crash

The cryptocurrency market has seen a sharp decline in prices as massive amounts of fear, uncertainty, and doubt swept across the market after Silicon Valley Bank collapsed on Friday morning. This was precipitated by a bank run and capital crisis that resulted in the second-largest failure of a financial institution in US history. The crypto-friendly Silvergate bank was also affected by this crisis which triggered massive market sell-offs among meme tokens such as Dogecoin (DOGE).

Dogecoin Price Plummets

At the time of writing, DOGE was trading at $0.0640 indicating a 21% decline in value over seven days. Additionally, data from Coingecko shows that DOGE has lost 11% of its value within 24 hours alone. In addition to this large dip over 30 days and two weeks have been noticed with only 2% increase since January 2023. Furthermore, trading volume for DOGE surged by almost 30%, indicating an impending intense sell-off period will soon follow as investors panic.

Bitcoin Prices Affected

The macroeconomic uncertainty surrounding Dogecoin due to its speculative nature and lack or fundamental value has had ripple effects on other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin – which is currently the highest crypto based on market cap – saw its price falling from $21K to around $20K at present. This demonstrates how even large cryptos are not immune to these sudden capital crises that can occur without warning or explanation leaving investors stunned.

Cause Of Crisis

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank was partly attributed to Federal Reserve’s forceful hike in interest rates over previous year which left many banks holding long term treasuries that appeared low risk when interest rates were close to zero – now that Fed has hiked interest rates these investments have become worthless resulting huge losses for banks involved leaving them unable to pay back their deposits thus triggering bank run leading us into current situation where crypto markets are down especially those involving meme tokens such as Dogecoin (DOGE).


In conclusion it is clear that this sudden crisis could have major implications for both traditional banking systems and cryptocurrencies alike if similar events transpire again any time soon causing further drops and instability in markets worldwide thus making it more important than ever before for investors to be aware of potential risks associated with investing so they can make informed decisions regarding their investments should difficult times arise once again anytime soon

Silvergate Shockwaves: Crypto Market Tumbles After 10-K Delay

• Silvergate, a struggling crypto bank, recently delayed its 10-K filing leading to major shockwaves in the crypto market.
• Microstrategy took to Twitter to assure investors of its minimal exposure to Silvergate and that their loan will not be accelerated due to insolvency or bankruptcy.
• FTX’s collapse caused Silvergate and the whole crypto market to go into tailspin with partners like Coinbase, Circle, Paxos, Galaxy and CBOE distancing themselves from the company.

Silvergate – A Struggling Crypto Bank

Silvergate is a struggling crypto bank that has been on some sort of life-support since FTX (one of its biggest partners) collapsed leaving it and the entire crypto market in tailspin. After news of a later-than-usual 10-K filing sent shockwaves through its stocks and the crypto market as a whole, major cryptos tumbled by 5% in the daily time frame.

Microstrategy Reassures Investors

In response to investor concerns over possible losses, Microstrategy took to Twitter with an assurance of its “minimal exposure” to Silvergate. The company explained that even if Silvergate became insolvent, their $205 million loan wouldn’t be accelerated due to it being custodied elsewhere as opposed to with Silvergate itself. This assurance did little however; major cryptos still dropped by 5%.

FTX Collapse Sparks Concerns for Crypto Market

The collapse of FTX sparked concerns about another cataclysmic event for crypto with some going as far as calling probable bankruptcy of Silvergate “the second FTX”. In response, industry giants like Coinbase, Circle, Paxos, Galaxy and CBOE released statements regarding their respective exposures while Circle stated they are “unwinding certain services with them [Silvergate] and notifying customers”.

Microstrategy: Potential Spillovers Ahead

Since the bank has been running on deficit ever since suffering an $8.1 billion bank run last year , it received loans amounting up at $3.6 billion from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York which makes up for most of its assets now. With this in mind there is potential for further spillovers ahead should things get worse for Silvergate – something Microstrategy wants no part in given their current reassurances towards investors on Twitter .


In conclusion it seems that events surrounding Silvergate may have only just begun as more companies distance themselves from what looks like potential disaster waiting ahead . It remains uncertain how this would affect other companies involved with cryptocurrencies but one thing is sure – everyone will be watching very closely what happens next .

Bitcoin Active Addresses: Slower Than Previous Cycles

• This article discusses the recent trend in Bitcoin active addresses, which measure daily total amount of Bitcoin addresses participating in some transaction activity on the chain.
• Recent market activity has been slower than what previous cycles saw at a similar stage, with low values suggesting demand for the asset is currently low.
• The chart shows that the value of the metric hasn’t moved much in recent weeks, with some improvement being registered during recent rallies.

Overview: Bitcoin Active Addresses

On-chain data shows that demand for Bitcoin has been returning recently, albeit at a slower rate than previous cycles. An important indicator to measure this is “active addresses,” which measures the daily total amount of unique Bitcoin addresses taking part in some transaction activity on the blockchain. Low values imply not many users are making transfers on the blockchain at the moment, suggesting that demand for the asset is currently low.

Previous Cycles

The market activity changed rapidly after bottoming out during previous cycles and this can be seen from looking at active address metrics. An example of sudden activity returning can be seen around FTX’s collapse when price began to move sideways again and active addresses sank down once again.

Recent Rally

The latest rally in price of Bitcoin has caused an increase in active address metrics; however, it still hasn’t been as significant as other cycles before it.

Chart Analysis

A chart showing trends in active addresses over last few years reveals that there has been minimal change recently, with some improvement being registered during recent rallies.


In conclusion, while there have been signs of life returning to Bitcoin’s network through its active address metrics, it appears that current growth is slower than what was seen during past cycles at this stage of recovery.

Binance Weighs Ending US Ties Amid Regulatory Uncertainty

• Binance is reportedly considering cutting ties with U.S.-based business partners due to stricter regulations from the SEC.
• Binance CEO Changpeng Zao (CZ) denied these allegations in a Twitter post.
• Recently, there have been reports of Binance moving $400 million from a “secret” account to a trading firm owned by CZ.

Binance Weighs Ending Ties with US Business Partners

According to a Bloomberg report, crypto exchange Binance is considering ending relationships with U.S. business partners due to increased regulatory scrutiny by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). After being accused that its stablecoin BUSD is a security and sued by the SEC, the climate between exchanges and the U.S. watchdog has become uncertain and concerning for many investors.

Binance CEO Denies Allegations

Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zao (CZ) denied the allegations in a Twitter post saying it was false information. It should also be noted that although not licensed to operate in the U.S., Binance has been conducting business through its subdiary Binance US which only employees of this branch have access to its platform according to spokesperson Kimberly Soward .

$400 Million Transfer To Trading Firm Owned By CZ

Recently there were reports of Binance transferring $400 million from one of its accounts paired with subsidiary Binance US to Merit Peak -a trading firm owned by CZ that was incorporated in 2019- investing more than $1 million into Binance’s US branch at the same time .

Crypto Bull Run Taking Shape Despite Regulatory Uncertainty

Amidst all this regulatory uncertainty, Q1 has had an intense scrutiny on cryptocurrencies but it hasn’t stopped Bitcoin’s bull run from taking shape as prices continue their climb up again .


The situation between exchanges and regulators remains uncertain as crypto projects continue their way towards mainstream adoption and acceptance despite legal restrictions in certain jurisdictions .

Huobi Expands to China: Crypto Trading to Reactivate in Hong Kong

• Huobi, one of the largest cryptocurrency trading exchanges, is looking to expand its services to China.
• The Chinese government had previously placed some restrictions on cryptocurrencies in order to protect citizens from scams and risks.
• Hong Kong plans to resume its interest in the crypto industry by legalizing retail crypto trading with a mandatory licensing regimen.

Huobi Expansion In Hong Kong

One of the largest cryptocurrency trading exchanges, Huobi, is now considering expanding its services to China. Huobi Chief Justin Sun believes this will be a massive turnaround for the firm in the hopes that China will contribute positively to its growth. Before now, the China government placed some restrictions on cryptocurrencies. The idea was to keep its citizen safe from possible scams and risks in the crypto space. It also warned the citizens to avoid transactions with crypto, stating that they are illegal. But it appears that the narratives are about to change in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s Legalization Of Crypto Trading

Hong Kong plans to resume its interest in the crypto industry by legalizing retail crypto trading. However, according to a Bloomberg report in October 2022, the city will impose a mandatory licensing regimen from March 2023. So, Huobi’s decision to expand its services to the region will favor the exchange and the crypto investors in Hong Kong. The regulation will lift the ban on crypto transactions allowing the exchange to operate freely and the investors to transact confidently. According to Justin Sun, Hong Kong is suitable for crypto transactions. He revealed this information in an interview with Bloomberg TV.

Huobi’s Challenges Earlier This Year

Just like several other crypto exchanges, Huobi also faced some difficulties in early period of 2023 when it witnessed increased withdrawals from users amounting up over $60 million within 24 hours .
However it overcame this challenge as well as many others posed by governmental regulations set around cryptocurrency investing .

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Huobi’s decision bring their services into Hong Kong could help revive citizen’s interests back into cryptocurrency investments as well as provide them with more exposure and understanding towards digital currencies through legal means .

Invest in Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin: Kiyosaki Urges Investors to Take Advantage

• Robert Kiyosaki, author of the personal finance book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” encourages investors to purchase gold, silver, and bitcoin.
• Kiyosaki attributes the growth of digital currencies to consumers’ worsening financial circumstances and endorses them as a sensible alternative to the present currency system.
• In the wake of the breakdown of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, he stated that he still has faith in digital currencies and that they cannot be held responsible for the failure of FTX.

Robert Kiyosaki, famed entrepreneur and author of the personal finance book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” has been advocating for the purchase of gold, silver, and bitcoin for some time now. Kiyosaki has made it clear that he is an investor and not a trader in bitcoin, feeling ecstatic whenever the price of the most popular cryptocurrency drops. The financial guru has attributed the recent success of precious metals and digital currencies such as Bitcoin to consumers’ worsening financial circumstances and has expressed his endorsement for cryptocurrencies as a sensible alternative to the present currency system.

He recently made the claim that crypto traders will benefit more when the US Federal Reserve switches track and creates trillions of “fake” dollars. And, when the cryptocurrency exchange FTX filed for bankruptcy on November 11, prices of cryptocurrencies experienced a pronounced adverse reaction, leaving market observers to anticipate a far-reaching impact for the crypto community.

Kiyosaki, however, is still confident in digital currencies, affirming that this sort of asset cannot be held accountable for the failure of FTX. During the most recent episode of The Rich Dad Radio Show, he stated that the crypto, along with gold and silver, is one of the three “hottest topics on earth” today and is urging investors to take advantage of this situation.

Kiyosaki has long been a proponent of investing in digital currencies and believes that it is the smart thing to do. He believes that those who are willing to take the risk and invest in digital currencies stand to gain a lot more than those who stay away from it. He is also convinced that investing in crypto is a great way to diversify your portfolio and protect yourself against the potential risks that come with traditional investments.

Robert Kiyosaki knows that cryptocurrency and other digital assets are still in their infancy, but he does not believe that this means that they are any less viable. He is confident that these assets will continue to grow and appreciate in value, and is encouraging investors to take advantage of the current situation. With the right strategies and knowledge, he believes that anyone can benefit from investing in digital currencies.

Musk Stands by Offer to Eat Happy Meal on Camera If McDonald’s Accepts Dogecoin

• Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk recently responded to a tweet from McDonald’s, implying that he still stands by his offer to eat a Happy Meal on camera if they accept Dogecoin as a form of payment.
• In January of 2022, Musk tweeted that he would eat a Happy Meal on camera on TV if McDonald’s accepted Dogecoin as a means of payment.
• After the Dogecoin community member asked if the offer was still valid, Musk responded with “100%.”

The crypto community was recently lit up with excitement when Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk responded to a tweet from McDonald’s, implying that he still stands by his offer to eat a Happy Meal on camera if they accept Dogecoin as a form of payment.

Back in January of 2022, Musk tweeted that he would eat a Happy Meal on camera on TV if McDonald’s accepted Dogecoin as a means of payment. This tweet sparked a surge in the Dogecoin price, as the community was hopeful that the fast food chain would accept the cryptocurrency. However, McDonald’s did not show any serious reaction to accepting Dogecoin as a payment option.

Recently, McDonald’s tweeted “what did i miss” prompting Binance’s Twitter account to reply, “A lot of green candles.” McDonald’s then showed its love for the crypto community by responding with “wagmi” – an acronym for “we are all gonna make it”, which is often used by the crypto community to build trust and encourage the community not to lose hope.

Musk then responded with “Oh hi lol.” This prompted a Dogecoin community member to pull out an old tweet from Musk from January 2022, when the Tesla CEO stated via Twitter that he would eat a Happy Meal on camera on TV if McDonald’s accepted Dogecoin as a means of payment. The Dogecoin community member asked Musk if that offer was still valid, and he responded with “100%.”

This response from Musk has once again made it clear that he is a strong supporter of Dogecoin. It remains to be seen if McDonald’s will actually accept Dogecoin as a payment option. If they do, it will be a major victory for the Dogecoin community and could lead to wider adoption of the cryptocurrency.

IT Minister Calls for Balanced Legal Framework to Boost Crypto Growth in India

• India’s junior IT minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar has recently made a statement about crypto in India, stating that following the laws pertaining to the industry would not be an issue.
• This statement is contrary to the central bank’s view, as the Reserve Bank of India has been imposing regressive taxation policies on any crypto or private digital asset-related activities.
• The IT minister suggested that the government should implement a less prescriptive and more principled legal framework to catalyze India’s technological advancement and help it move towards its goal of building a trillion-dollar economy.

In recent times, India has been struggling to come up with effective digital asset regulations. The Reserve Bank of India has been particularly vocal in its opposition to cryptocurrencies, publicly suggesting plans to tighten the noose around the industry by imposing regressive taxation policies on any crypto or private digital asset-related activities.

However, in a recent statement, India’s junior minister of electronics and information technology (IT), Rajeev Chandrasekhar, expressed that there was no issue with crypto in India if all laws pertaining to the industry were followed. This was an important statement about the fate of crypto operations in India, as it contrasted the view of the central bank and sent ripples throughout the nation.

Chandrasekhar, who is responsible for looking after the skill development and entrepreneurial aspects of the economy, suggested that the government should implement a less prescriptive, more principled, and comprehensive legal framework that will catalyze India’s technological advancement further. This will help India move towards its goal of building a trillion-dollar economy, as suffocating the growth of digital assets will undoubtedly slow the nation’s technological advancements.

The IT minister’s statement was welcomed by the crypto community in India, who had been looking for some respite after the central bank’s stringent stance. The central bank’s views on cryptocurrencies are quite conservative, which makes it difficult for crypto businesses to operate in the country. Therefore, the IT minister’s statement was seen as a positive sign of the government’s commitment to developing the digital asset industry in India.

There is still much uncertainty surrounding the future of digital assets in India. The central bank’s views will continue to be a major factor in determining the fate of the industry, and it is likely that the government will take a balanced approach in order to ensure the growth of the industry without compromising the nation’s security. For now, the crypto community in India is hopeful that the government will heed the IT minister’s advice and implement a comprehensive legal framework for digital assets. This could prove to be a major turning point for the industry in India, and could lead to the growth of a thriving crypto economy.

Miami-Dade Terminates Partnership With FTX, Arena to be Renamed Miami-Dade Arena

• Miami-Dade has successfully annulled its partnership with FTX following the latter’s collapse in November.
• A federal judge ruled that the naming rights agreement between both parties on the FTX Arena be terminated immediately.
• Efforts are underway to find another naming partner for the arena as soon as possible, in the meantime the ground would be referred to as the Miami-Dade Arena.

In June 2021, Miami-Dade, one of the U.S.’s most populous counties and home to the NBA team Miami Heat, signed an agreement with FTX worth $135 million for the company to become the naming-rights partner of the playing ground of the three-time NBA champions. However, following the alarming revelations on the finances of FTX and the criminal fraud allegations levied against its CEO Sam Bankman-Fried back in November, Miami-Dade took legal action requesting to sever their business relationship with the now-bankrupt company.

On Wednesday, January 11th, the request was finally approved, resulting in the immediate removal of any representation of the FTX brand from the Heat’s home arena. According to a joint statement by the Miami-Dade leadership and the Heat basketball team, they are currently working hard to find another naming partner for the arena as soon as possible, and in the meantime the ground would be referred to as the Miami-Dade Arena.

The agreement between Miami-Dade and FTX was meant to be a 19-year deal, and while the now-bankrupt company has failed to meet those expectations, the Miami-Dade leadership is confident that the Heat basketball team will be able to find another partner soon. The Heat basketball team is one of the most successful teams in recent NBA history, having won three championships in the last ten years, and their home arena is one of the most recognizable locations in the city of Miami.

In the meantime, the Miami-Dade leadership has also stated that they are committed to protecting the citizens of the county and will continue to take all necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of the people living there. They have also stated that they will continue to monitor FTX and its activities to ensure that the company is not involved in any fraudulent activities.

The termination of the partnership between Miami-Dade and FTX is just the latest in a long line of partnerships that have ended due to the financial collapse of the company. However, the Miami-Dade leadership is confident that the Heat basketball team will be able to find a new naming partner for their home arena soon, and that the citizens of the county will be protected from any further fraudulent activities.